The hammer and feather on the Moon

hammer-feather_198x198The American astronaut David Scott (* 1932) conducted an interesting experiment on the Moon, toward the end of the  Apollo 15 mission in July/August 1971. In front of a running camera, he dropped a hammer (2.9 lb) and a falcon’s feather (0.06 lb), just to prove Galileo Galileis’ (1564–1641) thesis that objects fall to the ground with the same speed, regardless of their mass, provided the air resistance does not slow them down, as it is the case on Earth. On our planet, this experiment  could only be demonstrated in a vacuum.

Scott explains the attempt and after that you can see the hammer and the feather falling onto the moon dust at the same time. He comments the result, »How about that?« and adds, »Mr. Galileo was correct!«

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