The lunar probe LADEE – the sequel

ladee2_198x198As reported back in September 2013, NASA sent the lunar probe LADEE (short for: Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) into space, to circle and to explore the Moon. Especially, the formation of ice at the lunar poles has been of great interest. The space probe also collected measurement data of dust particles and gases that are close to the Moon’s surface.

After orbiting the Moon more than 100 times at low altitude, LADEE shattered into pieces on 17th April 2014, just as planned by NASA, on the reverse side of the Moon, between 6:30 pm and 7:22 pm CEST in the evening. The impact of the probe with the Moon’s surface happened with a speed of 3600 miles per hour – there was not much left of the good piece. All data, which had been collected, has been transmitted successfully back to Earth. Hence, the mission was named a success, which can be expected in light of the more than 250 million dollar cost.

Here is a short report by NASA:

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