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Between scepticism and mysticism

There is a wide spectrum of views and opinions about how the moon may influence human life and it is in the very nature of things, that these opinions lead to discussions. During the course of the years, we got acquainted with many different viewpoints and are trying to give room to these diversities on these pages.

Let’s imagine two people for example, a sceptic, who analyses sensibly and critically, and a mystic who allows his actions to be guided by faith and dedication. Let’s have both people answer the question, whether principally, full moon has an effect on human beings. [read more] “Between scepticism and mysticism”

No terminator on the full moon!

No, this is not about another sequel of the science fiction movie or whether Arnold Schwarzengger is planning a trip to the moon … It is more about an astronomical term, where »terminator« describes the day-night border of a celestial body. This is the visible border between the illuminated side and the dark side of the object, being the border between day and night on the celestial body. The word »terminator« derives from Latin »terminare« = conclude, restrict.

The best way for us people to observe this is on the moon. For example at half moon, the terminator runs through the centre of the moon and therefore creates the visible semicircle. This means that the terminator can be seen during each phase of the moon cycle, with two exceptions: new moon and full moon. As there is either no illuminated side (new moon) or no shadow side (full moon) visible, hence no light-shadow border.

But even when there is no terminator during full moon, it immediately emerges afterwards. »I’ll be back« … doesn’t this sound familiar?

More births at full moon?

It is often said that more children are born at full moon. Meanwhile, many different studies have shown this not to be the case.

An American study from the years 1997–2001, can probably be referred to as a very popular example that investigated the influence of the moon cycle on births. The study was conducted with an impressive amount of 564,039 births and took place over a period of 62 moon cycles. Not only full moon, but also all other phases of the moon cycle were observed with the result that there is no verifiable correlation:
[read more] “More births at full moon?”

Full moon above Swan Lake

We recently went to a ballet performance – Swan Lake by Tschaikowsky – with the Moscow Ballet. Immediately, after the curtain rose for the first time, the stage set showed a nighttime scenery, with a castle at a lake and high in the sky a wonderful full moon. Later, when the »swans« appeared and everything was bathed in a bluish light, the entire room was  permeated with a fantastic and subtle atmosphere.

The dancers were sensational. Every movement danced with absolute emotional power and perfect precision. We were amazed and in awe. A true delight for the senses …

In the finale, the castle scenery came into action again and the entire performance was surrounded by full moon light.

Whether Tschaikowsky had the full moon in mind?

Let’s go

Let’s begin the New Year 2011 with the opening of the full moon blog. A true innovation to the full moon pages.

For everyone, who is not quite sure what a blog is, let’s say it is a kind of an Internet diary. The word »blog« is an abbreviation of »weblog«, which again derives from »web« (for Internet) and »logbook«, a term used in maritime shipping for recording daily events. Interestingly enough, it is mentioned in WIKIPEDIA that logbooks are of great importance in legal cases involving maritime commercial disputes, and therefore mandatory to be kept and not on a voluntary basis. As blogger (name of someone who writes in a blog), we certainly would not keep this rule, but encourage spontaneous participation and think it should be fun, and whenever possible, we will establish a connection to the full moon.

Incidentally, all articles can also be commented on. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to enhance the landscape of words through comments and replies.

We wish all readers lots of fun and one or the other refreshing moment!

P.S. The photo shows an antique sextant, that we came across at some point in time.