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Asterix and the full moon

Who doesn’t know them, the fearless Gauls Asterix and Obelix, who have been making the hearts of comic fans leap for joy since decades and who impress again and again through witty texts and masterful drawings. The stories originate from the pen of the French illustrator Albert Uderzo (* 1927), who created, together with his fellow countryman René Goscinny (1926–1977), the first comic in the year 1959, and with that, brought the adventures of the brave Gaul to life. [read more] “Asterix and the full moon”

The lunar maria

When observing the Moon, you can see dark spots on its surface. In the old days, these were thought to be the seas and oceans just like on Earth, so they were called »mare« (plural: »maria«). Giovanni Riccioli (1598–1671), an Italian priest and astronomer was leading in this area and was responsible for giving many lunar maria their Latin or partially poetic names. We would like to single out a few that we consider to be worthwhile mentioning. [read more] “The lunar maria”

Are sleepwalkers moonstruck?

Sleepwalking is the term for a sleep disorder where the person concerned will move to an upright position in bed, or get up and walk around without waking up. It is also referred to as somnambulism, which derives from lat. »somnus« = sleep and »ambulare« = to wander. A further outdated term is »lunatism« and stems from the former belief that the light of the full moon coaxes the sleeper into leaving the bed. This misconception is scientifically disproved: sleepwalking takes place outside the lunar cycle. [read more] “Are sleepwalkers moonstruck?”

Tecciztecatl – the moon god of the Aztec

The Aztec were indigenous people (natives), who lived in Central America between the 14th and 16th century, in the area of today’s Mexico. Just like all primordial nations, they had a variety of deities and Tecciztecatl is the god of the moon. Many stories about the Aztec have been passed on, most of them appear sinister and cruel. Also their ending, precipitated by the Spanish conquerors, was bloody and does not belong to the chapters man can boast about. And so, you look to the past with split feelings. [read more] “Tecciztecatl – the moon god of the Aztec”