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»Rupes Recta« – a line on the Moon

rupes-recta_198x198»Rupes Recta« is the name for a long line, which is visible on the Moon’s surface. The name derives from Latin and means »straight fault«, but due to its prominent shape, it is also called »Sword of the Moon«.

Rupes Recta is located at the edge of the lunar mare Mare Nubium and is one of the best known escarpments of the Moon. It is more than 60 miles long, with a width of 1–2 miles and a height of around 800 feet. [read more] “»Rupes Recta« – a line on the Moon”

The Roman Lunula Amulet

lunula-amulet_198x198In the Ancient Roman Empire, lunula amulets were often worn as a lucky charm, but also as protection against evil forces and demons. Special crescent-shaped jewelry pieces were made for girls, to grant them the protection of the goddess Diana. Diana is the goddess of the Moon and also of hunting in Roman mythology. Artemis is the equivalent among the Greek Gods. [read more] “The Roman Lunula Amulet”

The gravity on the Moon

gravity-moon_198x198Gravity is the force of attraction of bodies. Its intensity depends on the mass: the more mass, the higher the gravity.  This is the reason why the gravitational pull is greater on Earth than on the Moon, because Earth is considerably larger and heavier than the Moon. The gravitational acceleration on Earth is with approx. 9.8 m/s² six times as strong as on the Moon with approx. 1.6 m/s². This is why astronauts are able to jump higher on the Moon than on Earth and objects fall to the ground at a lower speed. [read more] “The gravity on the Moon”