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When do you call a full moon »blue moon«?

Everyone knows that about once a month is full moon … but, strangely enough, full moon is always on a different day each month and always at a different time. The reason is that the moon month is shorter on the average, than the calendar month. Without being to mathematical, one can say that a moon cycle lasts approx. 29.5 days. This is how the time of full moon spreads irregularly throughout the calender months and it happens (about every 2.5 years) that two full moon dates fall onto the same month, one at the beginning and one at the end of the month. This second full moon is called »blue moon« today. [read more] “When do you call a full moon »blue moon«?”

Sonoma Valley – »Valley of the Moon«

sonoma-valley_198x198The Sonoma Valley is a valley in California, close to San Francisco Bay and is also referred to as »Valley of the Moon«. The original Native American Indians who inhabited this valley, called it »sonoma«, which means »Valley of the Moon« in their language. The Miwok and Pomps were Native American tribes that spread in the northern part of California and also settled in this valley. In a legend of the Miwok tribe, it says that the Moon rose from the Sonoma Valley and is there in complete harmony with nature. [read more] “Sonoma Valley – »Valley of the Moon«”