New moon – the opposite of full moon!

The new moon is the opposite pole to the full moon, being the time when the Moon is not visible in the sky to us people. Maybe this is why we pay less attention to it, because what you don’t see is less prevalent in our awareness.

However, there is one aspect, which continues to lend significance and fascination to the new moon. It is the word »new« and the described moment of renewal and of a new beginning. This word can be found in different languages:

• »new moon« (English)
• »Neumond« (German)
• »nouvelle lune« (French)
• »luna nueva« (Spanish)
• »lua nova« (Portuguese)
• »luna nuova« (Italian)

So it is obvious to accredit relevance to the new moon, for everything that will start over. If this effect actually stems from the Moon or the mind and the believe of people, remains to be seen. There certainly appears to lie a lot of power in this idea, which finds expression in many cultures. In the Islamic calendar, for example, the beginning of the month is determined by the first lunar crescent visibility, meaning, the moment when the moon crescent becomes visible again just after the new moon. Also in the Hindu moon calendar does the new moon play a central role, just like for specific Buddhist holidays or for a number of Native American tribes.

From an astronomical point of view, the new moon describes the position of the Moon between the Sun and the Earth. It rises and sets together with the Sun and can neither be seen at night (because it has already set in the darkness), nor during the day (because it is outshined by the sunlight). The only exception when we are able to see the new moon, is during a solar eclipse. Then, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are on a straight line and the Moon can push itself directly in front of the Sun, for the observer from Earth. Solar eclipses, by the way, take place exclusively at the new moon, just like a lunar eclipse solely takes place at the full moon.

We would like to wish all readers a good fresh start and the fulfilment of wishes that each and everyone carries in their hearts. The new moon is a good point in time for us to believe in that!

The new moon pages

Here you find the new moon pages with the new moon calendar and the new moon memo, the free reminder via e-mail shortly before the new moon:

Here you can subscribe to the free new moon memo:

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  • I have no comment,I just like to know when the there is going to be a full moon


  • I really enjoy the site and look forward to the monthly email. I pass it on to others who also enjoy it. As the expression go “the more the merrier” so any info you want to add please do so.

  • Agree that it would be nice to have a quickie blurb on what this full moon and what this new moon are called and what it means to us. Not in a flaky sort of why but rather scientific like this moon relates to harvests or this moon gives us longer days etc. love your emails…of course would want both.

  • Full Moon. New Moon. I’m all starry eyed!!! “YES TO BOTH”

  • Why should the full moon have all the glory :)

  • Yes, that would be wonderful! I love your site as is, but having more info in regards to moon would be even better

  • I might be interested in the Full Moon information.

  • Wonderful idea. I am in Arizona (USA) which follows Mountain Standard Time ALL year long…AZ does not observe daylight saving time, therefore in winter months it is the same time as Mountain Standard Time & in summer months it is same time as Pacific Daylight Time I am always amazed at the full moon & new moon & how it effects the entire environment. Love your site & all the information you supply. Always brings about peace to ones soul. Best moon wishes to all. Thank you for all you do. It is much appreciated.

  • Thank you for all you do. Your notes are thought-
    provoking And meaningful We would be better people if
    we could all connect to the cosmos. Todd S, Oviedo Florida

  • I forward the memo for the full moon each month. I have ritual activity which coincides with the phases. I would love to get a new moon memo. I see the vote results reflect the support for your doing so for us lunar calendar people. THANKS!!!

  • New Moon awareness is as spiritually important as full moon….In fact on each new moon I attend a chanting/worship ceremony for mother /female goddess Kali…Durga…Lakshmi. .Parvati..etc. Her various forms..

  • Just love your thoughts & ideas in a big fan of the moon! My son wants to know why we can only see parts of the moon leading up to the full moon! We’re in London UK

  • Yes that would be wonderful. Thank u

  • Fabulous idea…both of my children were born on a NEW MOON..Keeping up with the great moon has always been very interesting and informative. There is a message up there each and every time.

  • Being able to connect with the phases of the MOON is awesome!! I teach 2nd Grade and every night on our HOMEWORK CHECKLIST, I have “MOON WATCH” as an activity which the students do with their parents!! It has been amazing from year-to-year! Then, to add to that excitement you have THIS WEBSITE!! ….and NOW you are thinking of adding NEW MOON to the FULL MOON info!! How FABULOUS!! Thank you so much!!!

  • First, let me thank you both for all the work you do to get this info out to us. Your blog is intersting and very thought provoking month after month. I am a Cancer and I know how influential the moon and all it’s phases are on us. It would be fantastic to receive the new moon information along with the full moon memo…sign me up!!

  • Would love New moon info, great idea, thank you

  • Jörg,

    Ibid all of the other positive comments viz. a heads-up email!!

  • We do not practice ashtanga yoga on full and new moon days, so it would be great to receive a notification as well for the new moon days.
    Thanks for your efforts, appreciated.

  • Yes, it is a useful piece of information to have.

    And could you please ALSO include (for Full and New moon) date and time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or Zulu time. It will be, for me at least, very useful (more than cities and coordinates).

    Thank you for a great service … best things are free indeed!!!!

  • I hope you receive joy for the work publishing your blog. I feel in a way, I know you, and consider you a friend, for the information I get. The full moon to me is a great lunar celebration. The new, a more somber, introspective period. Knowing the exact moment these events occur is very satisfying. I am a clock repairman by trade.

  • new moons are like power surges for me. would love to keep track of them better

  • Over the past couple of years my being affected by the moon has changed from Full to New, with many inner shifts, up to a 3 day period. So would be appreciative of New Moon newsletter. Most interesting. Thank you!

  • I voted yes in favor of having the New Moon information sent to us. It could prove to be very beneficial in our lives.

  • Would enjoy the new moon postings very much. I do hair. I plan the clients hair cuts by the moon. Hair grows best when the moon is getting full. Slowest when it is waning. Have enjoyed the full moon alerts very much. THANKS!!


  • I enjoy reading your full moon emails. Very interesting. Thank you

  • I have paid attention to the moon and its phases all of my life. Thank you for posting exact times, really appreciated! And, of course I would also like to have the new moon information. Thank you for taking a vote on this. It looks like most people are interested too!

  • Just look at all the positive comments from so many people in this world…..Moon, important ? , YES, in all our lives. Thanks, again, for all the work you do and I also agree……yes, to the new Moon!

  • Yes. I feel a shift with the new moon. It would be great !!

  • Love planting specific things for moon phases also like to be aware of how the full moon and days leading up to it affect our moods.

  • Yes, please continue your writings – I learn so much from them.

  • Very interesting and learn so much from your writings….please continue!

  • It’s nice to know the exact date and time of a new moon. There is an amateur astronomer’s challenge to see how soon after the new moon you can spot the thin, thin sliver of the moon waxing moon. Sometimes the sliver is so thin you have to use binoculars to spot it. It’s called the “youngest moon” and is amazing when you spot an especially young moon.

    A new photographic record was set on July 8, 2013 by Thierry Legault (France).

    The earliest “visual” spotting of the youngest moon was in 1990 by Jame O’Meara. He spotted the youngest moon 15 hours and 32 minutes after new moon.

  • I always share it with my granddaughter….we enjoy not only seeing it together, but it spawns talking about other “science” stuff too….thanks!

  • i have always prefered the new moon time. the full moon time is filled with stress…. babies being born, accidents, fights on the psych wards. after retiring form nursing after 40 yrs, i am happy not to be working on the FULL MOON.
    I am looking forward to the New moon info.

  • Great idea for star/moon lovers and, if possible, throw in high/low tides.

  • Great idea for star/moon lovers. I think, if it’s possible, to throw in high/low tides.

  • Sure, I would love to see more information about the new moon and how it can impact our lives.

  • It is always a thrill to see the full moon. Thanks to you I don’t forget to look up. My Irish grandfather said, “Turn the change in your pocket when you see the new moon and you will always have money.”

  • I truly hope that you decide to expand to including the New Moon advisories as well – I know that the moon definitely influences many facets of life.

  • Yes i love the new moon and have always started new ventures , even weddings, on the new moon……i am a Cancer so the Moon is my Goddess and i value all her phases……..Thank you so much ! xoxo

  • Looking forward to receiving the memo day before.

  • The full moon has always been special to me. The new moon would truly be new to me in terms of paying attention and thinking what it means. Bring it on, please. And thank you.

  • I think the idea is wonderful and very useful. I also want to thank you for the full moon report. Comes in very handy in seeing how people react during these moon periods and what occurs in my community.

  • I love it, thank you

  • Everyone, I think, should plot their course, if possible. Sometimes, the course takes over, anyway, and things get hectic. Life is hard enough without bouncing from pillar to post.

  • Love learning, enjoy your current Full Moon info and look forward to whatever you decide -

  • The new moon is a great time to see and photograph stars.

  • Great idea. Looking forward to seeing which direction you go.

  • YES I track both moons for personal reasons and new moon most important…thank you for all you work.

  • I plant my veggies by the Moons cycle. It really does work well.

  • Anything about the moon is interesting. We need to learn more about the moon as it has unexplored effects on our life.

    R. Wayne Moorhead

  • A great idea and thank you for all the interesting info.

  • I always look forward to your posts… Thank you for the site and info you offer… I just voted yes-yes-yes…

  • I would find it a very useful to have a new moon email. I try to plan activities in relation to moon cycles and would love to learn more about this. Found The Art of Timing book interesting but cannot say I have worked with it to any great level. Ways to do so would also be very much appreciated.

  • Enjoy the unpredictabity of the postings and the timelessness of the moon ‘s cycle.


  • I would like any moon information. Really enjoy your website! THANK YOU!!!

  • I would enjoy it.

  • The moon has always fascinated me. When I worked on the overnight shift on the maternity ward we KNEW we were going to be busy with women coming in with labor pains.

    Later in my career, I worked the overnight shift at a nursing home. We KNEW there would be residents there more confused than usual and trying to climb out of bed and we would make EXTRA rounds to keep an eye out for their safety. There is definitely something special about the moon.

  • I actually prefer the new moon over the full moon as it speaks to me more, so am looking forward to a new moon memo as well as the full moon memo! Thanx for the info u provide…

  • I look forward to the one or two line preamble to the full moon stats. Thank you.

  • I’d enjoy receiving your information regarding the new moon. I know it’ll be very educational and helpful.

  • I enjoy receiving your notes on the Moon and greatly look forward to receiving New Moon info … many thanks!

  • I enjoy reading your thoughtful comments about life and love in the emails I receive from you. Having them come twice a month is even better…mentioning as well the joy that the cycles of the moon give me.
    Actually, I am 787 years old now and I don’t look a day over 500!!!
    I’ll be 788 eight days after the next full moon. Yes, these are lunar years…and it’s fun to play around with time and how we create so many beliefs about ourselves around our solar years, which are absurd at best. The interesting part of this is that the collective consciousness of which we are a part, supports are these limiting beliefs. I don’t. I still have fun playing baseball, surfing, running and creating all sorts of electronic gizmos.

  • hank you if you do decide to do this.

  • yes new moon affects tides I think just as full moon. Feel more diistress at new moon and feel better when moon returns, Crescent moon good sign.

  • it really sounds good can’t wait thanks

  • I follow all moons and look forward to the memos

  • Wonderful idea!
    I look forward to the information!

  • There is no good, scientific, useful, or productive reason I should read the full-moon page you send, but I do with interest, a reminder of the lunar cycle and our own monthly rhythms, not to mention eclipses and stuff. So I would enjoy doubling my distraction with a new-moon page as well. (I time my national-park visits around phase of the moon.)

  • I do see interesting effects on people during a new moon just as much as a full moon so it does help to know when they are so I know I’m gonna get the crazy people in my office during those times :)

  • I would love this information as it pertains to the energies of earth. Earth energies affect me as long as I reside here. This information will help me benefit from the cycles of the moon. Thank you.

  • I pay attention to ALL moons as it does effect us human beings!

  • Is the Full Moon schedule you mailed
    For November correct???
    Regarding NY & Mexico & Los Angeles
    I’m confused. Sorry

  • i look forward to getting the full moon email each time it occurs. If I get to hear more info about the moon, or just read something interesting, I’m all for it. Who wouldn’t like free information? Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.

  • I’m signing up as soon as it becomes possible to do so. Thanks!

  • I always look forward to your report, love what you have to say and always find you interesting. Thank You, Kathleen

  • Full moon, new moon – I’m interested in anything you have to say. I am 77 y.o. and happy that we, as a society, have stopped using the phrase “dark side of the moon”. I’m sure that everyone who was born during the ‘space age’ (1969 or later) understands that ALL of the moon is illuminated at one time or another.

    My heart was a ‘new moon’ in 1990 – the year that my sweetheart and I got married. Now, as we near our Silver Anniversary, it is a very full moon!

  • I enjoy receiving these notes on the Moon. Look forward to more info.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  • Nice idea.

  • Hopefully the survey is unanimous in favour of a New Moon email….. I look forward to receiving them :)

    Kind regards, Brian

  • Free moon memo mailing. I forgot to vote yes to mail it to me, only checked to get results of poll. Could you please send that to me.?
    Thank you.

  • Yes this is helpful

  • miracles in lives of humans are a direct effect of the full moons. not too many people are aware of it however. my links to fullmoon miracles are surrounded in the new life and births into this world… for example, i myself was givin the date i was due to be born as dec 14 1978. unfortunately my arrival wasnt until jan 30 1979. roughly 45 days late. how often do you hear of a such a lenghly gap. wouldnt it be safe to say that my intended birth sigh,sagitarius, is just as relevent as my actual sign i was born to,aquarius,? i believe so. my origional due date as it happens, was the exact date of the last fullmoon of 1978. i was in theory suppose to have been born on a fullmoon, the last fullmoon of that year to be percise. even more interesting, my last chil was born on jan 03 2007, which was the same day as the first full moon of 2007. what do u think that means?

  • New moon and a Monday – seems like a great place to start!

    • I think it’s a fantastic idea.

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