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10 years full moon pages
The big full moon quiz

On 29th September 2013, the full moon pages turned 10 years old! So we had a big quiz.

The full moon quiz is now closed for all participants. The winners will be notified shortly!

Thanks for joining :-)

Here are the prizes:

Prize 1–5: One full moon wish (»Vollmond-Wunsch«) each with 12 wish lists

For one year – twelve wishes: you receive twelve wish lists made of fine, silvery iridescent transparent paper. You write down your full moon wish during the full moon, put the wish list between the midnight blue aluminum plates and tie them up with the silver ribbons. Everything will be kept in a secret place of your choice until the next full moon – ready to turn into reality.
The printing and text might be in German, but it still works all over the world ;-)

Prize 6–20: One set of full moon cards each

The full moon cards have a panorama format (8.26 x 4.13 in), are printed on high-quality cardboard with a fine glossy finish. We have put 5 cards into each set.

And here the answers:

01. Which wristwatch did Buzz Aldrin wear during the Apollo 11 mission?

  • [a] Rolex
  • [b] Luminox
  • [c] Patek Philippe
  • [d] Omega
  • [e] Zenith

Buzz Aldrin wore a OMEGA Speedmaster Professional = answer [d].

02. Which of the brothers of the English singing group Bee Gees was born on the full moon?

  • [a] Barry Gibb
  • [b] Andy Gibb
  • [c] Maurice Gibb
  • [d] Robin Gibb
  • [e] None of the above

Andy Gibb was born on 5th March 1958 and is a full moon child = answer [b].

03. Which sport was played by a human on the Moon?

  • [a] Golf
  • [b] Football (soccer)
  • [c] Archery
  • [d] Javelin
  • [e] Chess

The American astronaut Alan B. Shepard struck a golf ball on the Moon, within the framework of the Apollo 14 mission = answer [a].

04. In which year will it be full moon after 10 pm on the night of New Year's Eve in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA)?

Memo: here we mean Las Vegas local time, being the time that a visitor of Las Vegas will see on his watch on the night of New Year's Eve.

  • [a] 2014
  • [b] 2020
  • [c] 2028
  • [d] 2039
  • [e] 2047

On New Year's Eve of 31.12.2047 the full moon will be in Las Vegas at 10:57:12 pm local time (PST) = answer [e].
This question is probably the most difficult one out of the ten, because this full moon date cannot be found in our full moon calendar in the year 2047, because at that moment in time, it is allready 01.01.2048 in Central Europe.

05. What is the Maltese word for »full moon«?

  • [a] bulan purnama
  • [b] pun mjesec
  • [c] qamar kwinta
  • [d] ilbete
  • [e] lluna enllena

The answer is "qamar kwinta" = answer [c]. All other answers are Indonesian, Croatian, Basque and Asturian.

06. In which music video by our daughter Elena Manja, can you see the full moon in the sky?

  • [a] Stürme in Händen [Storms in hands]
  • [b] Anima veneziana
  • [c] Memories of the future

The video "Stürme in Händen" by Elena Manja contains the full moon from 1:09 to 1:16 min = answer [a].
Video "Stürme in Händen" on VIMEO

"Anima veneziana" does not contain the full moon. However, there is a part at 1:49 min, whereby one could assume the Moon can be seen. But this is only a round white plate on a house wall from the previous scene. At the end of the video you can see from 4:31 min onwards the moon crescent in the morning sky, which is not full, though. At 4:40 min, the crescent shape is clearly visible.
Video "Anima veneziana" on VIMEO

"Memories of the future" does not contain the full moon either, although, an entire galaxy is visible in the closing scene at 5:50 min.

Video "Memories of the future" on VIMEO

07. Which term is commonly used in connection with the lunar phases?

  • [a] Agitator
  • [b] Emulator
  • [c] Terminator
  • [d] Violator
  • [e] Isolator

Terminator is the day-night border of a celestial body, which creates the different shapes of the moon crescent during the course of the lunar phases = answer [c].

08. Which of these plays contains the word »full moon«?

  • [a] Othello
  • [b] A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • [c] The Taming of the Shrew
  • [d] Hamlet
  • [e] King Lear

Only "King Lear" by William Shakespeare contains the word "full moon" in act 4, scene 6 = answer [e].

09. How is the date of Easter defined?

  • [a] Easter is on the Sunday before the first full moon in spring.
  • [b] Easter is on the Sunday after the first full moon in spring.
  • [c] Easter is on the Sunday before the first new moon in spring.
  • [d] Easter is on the Sunday after the first new moon in spring.
  • [e] Easter has nothing to do with lunar occurrences.

The date of Easter is defined by the full moon, indeed: on the first weekend after the first full moon in spring = answer [b].

10. Which of these classical composers used the word »full moon« mostly in his works?

  • [a] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • [b] Antonio Vivaldi
  • [c] Richard Wagner
  • [d] Giacomo Puccini
  • [e] Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski

When you speak of the word "full moon" in classical pieces, it usually refers to opera. The Italian composer Giacomo Puccini takes the lead with his works "Tosca" and "La Bohème" = answer [d].

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