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The full moon website is supposed to grow and the contents supposed to become more sophisticated. Therefore, we need the support of as many full moon interested people as possible. Here you may find some ideas how you can help to make the full moon website more significant and how to become a part of it.

We would like to challenge the effectiveness of full moon onto our daily life and would be delighted, if we would come into contact with scientific establishments. In particular our interest is directed towards studies of any kind (whatever the result might be), that are currently being conducted or have been conducted about full moon. We are able to offer you the possibility of a publication in our category full moon knowledge, gladly by naming the author and sources. We think this is urgently needed regarding the discussions about full moon. Especially, when the result cannot portray a significant effectiveness. It still remains to be valuable information that should be communicated by all means!

Astronomy experts
You have probably already assessed, that the full moon pages do not assert the claim to have pure astronomical information. However, this does not mean, that we do not appreciate such additions. It is simply the fact that a normal visitor won’t have any use for an "ecliptic geocentric length of the moon". Therefore, we have tried to prepare some simple facts and to convey them so that the general public can understand them. This is, so to speak, the primary school of the full-moonology. If this matches your skills and expertise concerning this subject, we would be very happy, if you would like to contribute as a (named) author. Surely, there are topics that we could bring closer to thousands of visitors in this way. Also corrections in content and improvement suggestions are welcomed at any time! Please contact us, if this should speak to you.

People who enjoy writing
At the same time we turn to all people with "writing professions" (possibly even with a background in humanities), who would enjoy researching another article in the category full moon knowledge and/or writing it. Particularly also in the cultural and historical area are a number of topics related to full moon that could be researched. Here too, we offer the possibility of publication and naming of the author. Simultaneously, all visitors are certainly invited to write down their full moon experiences and to send in their full moon poems. Everyone is welcomed to take part, even if you are not a self-assured writer or might not feel at home writing.

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We are looking forward to any link, be it to the full moon calendar or any other page. Every link is valuable and you participate and help the full moon pages to become better known. For this we have designed a high quality full moon banner in different sizes that can be freely used. If you should have any questions with regard to this subject, you are welcome to contact us at any time.