Questions and answers

We have compiled a few questions that have reached us.

Who is behind the full moon website?
Pat Edith Werner and Jörg Werner – and if some visitors might send e-mails to the "full moon team" (with the expectation to encounter a group) it is only the two of us. If you would like to find out more about us, please read the section About us.

How did the idea occur to create a website about full moon?
We had the idea in 2003 because of our (unsuccessful) search for dates of the next full moon. Pat said back then: "Actually, we ought to put a full moon calendar online." Read more about this under History and how the full moon pages were created...

Who created the design?
The conception and design was made by Jörg, who as a qualified industrial designer, brings along the necessary tools of the trade. The composition of this website, the photographies, texts – everything is part of a greater context.

Why aren’t there any advertisements?
We keep the full moon pages ad-free, free of twinkling banners or advertisements. We feel that visiting this site is more calm, aesthetic and beauty wins. Although, it would probably be very lucrative by now to have advertisements, due to the high number of visitors, we abdicate in favour of the atmosphere.

How do you feel about linking?
We are delighted about everyone who would like to set a link or recommend this website to others. We set links ourselves, but only if the corresponding site has contextual value to the topic full moon. The reference to a full moon party, for example, is not sufficient for us, as you can obtain many offers via GOOGLE. We will extend this area fundamentally during the course of the year and probably consider one or the other link.

What do I do if I have questions about full moon?
Most questions can probably be answered in the articles under "Full moon knowledge" and we recommend to first check there. Most questions relate to the calculation of times and there are already a few articles. Many visitors have requested the full moon dates from past years. This is the reason why we have created the "full moon calendar". You are welcome to send us an e-mail with all questions that remain unanswered. We always attempt to reply in a timely manner.

Do you believe in a higher power of full moon?
Over the years, we have gained a much more differentiated picture that we are also trying to mirror in our articles. We have a great interest in researching the question of effectiveness of full moon occurrences and its reciprocation with human life and hope to have made a contribution with this website.