Full moon …

These pages are dedicated to the full moon. And the people who are looking for magic. A place of contemplation and peace. It is a free offer to all visitors. A little walk in the full moon light …

The full moon calendar

Exact dates from 1900-2050
Were you born at full moon? Here you can maintain your overview, look things up, plan and look ahead, or reminisce.

The next full moon will be:
Sunday * 21 July 2024 * 12:17:12 pm
Central European Summer Time (CEST)
Moon sign: Capricorn 29° 09'

The full moon memo –
a free service

One day before you will receive a reminder via e-mail that says: “Tomorrow is full moon!” This service is already being enjoyed by more than 76,000 happy users!

The full moon knowledge

Broadening the horizon
Here you find information about some important questions around the round moon. Entertaining and informative.

The full moon poems

Lines that move you
Poetic words, captivating verses – a collection of works by well-known and unknown poets.

The full moon experiences

Experiences during full moon light
Read what others have experienced. Or write about your own personal wonders.

The full moon postcards

The most beautiful motifs
Here, we introduce to you the most beautiful full moon motifs, which we offer exclusively as high-quality postcards. Each picture has its own history, each picture tells of its own world.

The full moon e-cards

Artistic and free
Aesthetic e-cards for your very own full moon messages. Choose one of the images and drop your colleagues, friends or loved ones a note.


Doing something good together
Many full moon friends have approached us with the question how they can support the full moon pages and our projects. For this we have set up a page. Sincere thanks to all!

A few words about us

Here you find out more about us …

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