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The full moon website was brought into life by us in 2003 and we are currently taking care of the administration. As part of the extension of this site, we would like to give other people the opportunity to appear in the full moon light (read more in the area "Participating").

We are trying to create an aesthetic space with the full moon website, where people are able to meet and to swap ideas about full moon.

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If you would like to know more about us and our projects, please visit the following sites:

Elena Manja

Compositions by our daughter Elena Manja – music and videos:



Exceptional pieces of art: paintings, sculptures and projects. Life is an objet d'art.


The artistic project:

This is about an artistic project with a humanitarian background against AIDS, which will be realised in a total of 32 countries.


Our design agency:
strategie und vision

Perfect service and many years of experience in all areas of design. We put emphasis on creativity, intelligent solutions and quality right down to the last detail.