The full moon postcards
A piece of heaven at hand ...

Over the years we have photographed many full moons. In the process, many pictures emerged that convey a special mood. It might be the light, the colours, what makes these motifs unique, or maybe the right blend of full moon and its surrounding scenery. Maybe the magic can never be quite fathomed.

Now we have started to our most beautiful full moon pictures as high-quality postcards. Here we present you the first motif.

The first motif

A serenade is a piece of music, but also a musical performance in the evening in the open air with a happy and light-hearted mood. This is exactly how we came across this motif in Andalusia (South of Spain) in December of 2008, when the rising full moon shone brightly through the leaves of an old cork oak, pervaded by a soft field of cloud.

It was a bit of a challenge, trying to convey the mood in front of our eyes that evening, onto printed paper. But finally we succeeded and when we held the first cards in our hands, we were filled with this wonderful feeling again, to have created something meaningful.

The full moon cards have a panorama format (8.26 x 4.13 in), are printed on high-quality cardboard with a fine glossy finish. We have put 5 cards into each set.

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Here you will receive a few impressions how these cards are able to convey words and feelings, as counterpart to the digital world in which we move day by day, as a greeting for a gift.

A reminder of a far away reality ...

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