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In 2003 the full moon pages came into existence – a private project, which we tend to in our spare time and continue to expand. Meanwhile, more than 5 million visitors per year find our page. More than 82,000 subscribers receive the free full moon and new moon memo in German or English. Again and again, we are impressed and touched with by the high number of responses and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who shares this path through the moonlight with us. The full moon pages are a place of contemplation and peace, there are no advertisements, just the Moon and its stories. It is a free offering to all visitors.

We would like to take the opportunity again, to call upon a small donation for our full moon pages, which helps us to cover the high cost for the server and the yearly sending of 1 million e-mails, which we will otherwise have to cover privately. For this we require approx. $8,500 per year. Give 1 dollar, 1 pound, or 1 euro and support the preservation of the full moon pages as they currently are, and their continuous growth. 100% of donations will be invested into our full moon and new moon projects.

We need a total of $8,500 to cover these external costs this year. This can be accomplished by a donation of a small amount of 1 dollar, 1 pound, or 1 euro or more, by as many full moon friends as possible. By doing so, you will help to continue and improve the full moon pages.

Sincere thanks to all!

The 1 dollar fundraising for 2024

We did it! Our heartfelt thanks to all of you!

Moon friends: 82,630
Amount of supporters: 1,106
Funding target: $8,500 (cost of mailings and server)
Current amount collected: $8,953 (105.3 % achieved)

105.3 %

Three simple possibilities

We have arranged for three different ways to make a donation. We are delighted as much about 1 dollar, 1 pound, or 1 euro as any other amount.

Because we are not (from a purely legal point of view) a non-profit organization, all donations are taxable income and go to our company WERNER & WERNER. Of course, 100% of all donations will be invested in our moon projects.

1. Donations via PayPal (worldwide)

If you have a PayPal account, you can simply make a donation to us. Please use one of the following buttons for this. On the PayPal site please enter your desired donation amount into the box “Item price” and click on “Update”. Then simply follow the payment process.


Australian Dollar:

British Pound:


2. Donation via bank transfer (Europe)

If you live in the European Union (or have a bank account there), you can make a donation for free with a EU transfer onto our donation account. Banks in other countries, may possibly charge high fees.

Here are our bank details for the donation account:

Recipient: WERNER & WERNER
Bank: HypoVereinsbank München
IBAN: DE92 7002 0270 0015 4722 16
Reference: Donation

3. Check or cash via letter (USA)

We have a close friend living in the US, who can deposit checks in US currency for us. If you chose to send a check or small amount of cash via mail, your are welcome to contact us mentioning the reference “postal address USA”, and receive the address of our friend:

We would like to thank you for your support and trust, and we are looking forward to the continued shared journey in the full moon light!

Moonlight wishes from
Jörg Werner & Elena Manja Werner

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