View into infinity

I went with a couple of friends to a mountain cabin, close to Austria. It was a picture book day in summer, an orange coloured sun set and then the indigo blue nights and inmidst of it all the rising full moon …

Anyway, a friend and I, we were still lying on the terrace late at night on two foldable lawnchairs that were still left from sun bathing during the day. There we lay and were looking up at the sky. The moon was positioned a little lower that we could see it in the corner of our eye and in front of us was simply the infinity of the night, permeated by a few thin clouds.  

We did not say much (although we usually tend to take endlessly) and were simply quiet. Maybe someone knows this feeling, when you are suddenly immersed and all limitations of your own thoughts dissipate? The voices, the music from inside turned suddenly quiet. Just as if we did not hear it at all for a few minutes. Instead, only the fine chrip of crickets and the coolness of the nightly air that gently covered your skin like silk. We lay there just like this in amazement and remained silent and were enchanted.

Nothing special happenend in those minutes or hours, other than the fact that never before, have I felt so clear and certain about myself. It was a simple and so formidable full moon experience. 

I thank the moon and the sun that shines on him!

Brigitte S.

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