The full moon rainbow

Last Thursday was full moon. I went with a few friends of mine to an open air party in Prignitz (historic region in the northwestern part of Brandenburg, Germany), and we had wonderful seats underneath an isolated oak tree. The weather had been changeable since quite some time and a thunderstorm was in the air. It was approximately half an hour past midnight and suddenly someone called out: “Look, a rainbow!” Four of us stood right next to the oak tree, behind us the moon, still quite low on a clear night sky with a few clouds, in front of us a rainbow completely made of white light that seem to vanish to our left side behind the forest into the ground. 

“At the end of the rainbow a leprechaun has hidden a pot of gold!” shouted my friend, and : “If there is a rainbow over there, there will be rain!” We stood there for about two minutes in astonishment and then it started to rain. The entire spectacle lasted about another two minutes, while the rainbow became more faint, until it disappeared completely and until only the rain was left. 

Absolutely fascinated and in the knowledge to have witnessed something very rare, I remained underneath the oak tree for a long time and felt truly blessed.


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