Creepy night

My full moon experience … was when I walked on the dark street and I felt something was behind me. And when I watched the moon, the moon was so huge and so round and it creeped me out … why?? Cuz I remembered the horror movies and what my grandma said, that we should not walk in the dark of the night at full moon, cuz a lot of monsters, or we call it ‘mumu’ in our language, will appear and walk in a dark and full moon night … so when I walked along the road, I really felt something bad, like someone was on my back and I guess if whoever he was, I guess he was about to hold my back and bite my neck and zip my blood, and then my hair, in my neck below, or what do you call that … raised and my arm was so cold, and I could hear some voices, that sounded odd to my ear … it really got me creeped out a lot … most specially when I heard the dog saying, awoooo! … Oh my gosh it made me wanna cry, and I really ran as fast as I could until I reached the house of my mom … I was so grateful that my feet cooperated with me … my feet ran!! I was so happy about that!! I thought, I would just be on the road, walking so slowly, cuz my feet couldn’t cooperate to run, but they did cooperate with me!! Ohh … thank God … 

Well, fullmoon in our place is a creepy thing for us, cuz snake and mumu, (monster) come out to search for food … and damn! I’m not food! Well, for mumu yah … ehhh … it really creeps me out a lot … whew!!

Donita Rose Fortuna

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