Smiling at the full moon

My parents sometimes say things about the full moon effecting our lives. I remember my dad asking if it was a full moon, because of some crazy (in a bad way) things that were happening. 

I always smiled at the full moon, instead of blaming it for bad things. Full moon days for me were usually good unlike my parents. I feel more animal around the full moon, too. I walk on my toes and growl at my dogs and play with them, then at night I go outside or look out a window and finally realize it is a full moon. I also sometimes feel sick or get headaches right before the full moon comes. Sometimes I even feel more energetic. 

Some of my pack members even say they feel weird around the full moon. The full moon always makes me smile, I look up at it and think of how beautiful it is. I think the moon is a powerful thing, like a God, not just a planet type thing in our solar system. The alpha of my pack even prays to the moon as a sister, and I think I will do that too. I love the moon, and so does my pack, which is why we’re the Lunar Howls therian pack. How can you not love the moon? 🙂

Kara L.

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