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Moon Over Zambia

My greatest experience with the moon came while on a soul searching vacation in Africa. Walking from the restaurant the moon filled the sky from the street level up to the tip of the sky ...

As we walked down the street, people came up to us and told us to get off the street as the local bull elephant who comes through the streets at night was coming and was not happy, ripping up trees and eating brush. We looked for a place to get in from this amazing animal (angry but amazing). We heard a whisper from the brushes and a man in a guard's uniform told us to come over the foot bridge that the elephant would not come across the bridge. I was skeptical and hesitant but there was no where else to go ... the elephant came up to the brushes, ate, put his foot on the bridge, every so gently put a little bit of weight on the footbridge and tested it ... not once but twice ... looked us in the eyes and retreated. It seems the uniformed guard stands watch over the shops and knows the routine.

It was one of the magical moments of my life. Not only do I revere the moon but since a young girl have loved elephants and all they stand for ... so goes the good vibes in life. Beam on ...


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