Feelings run deep at the full moon

Astrology speaking I am a “Moon-Child”. Birthday June 30th. As a young child, I have always been aware of the effect of the “Full Moon”. As a mature adult, I know for sure the “Full Moon” have a dramatic effect on me in many different ways … 

Without seeing or knowing there is a “Full Moon”, I become poetic, highly intuitive, philosophical, probe the mysteries of the the deep, and so much more …

I may even become a “Lunar-Tic” engaging in much humor and deep folly.

I think most of all, my spirituality is inhanced. The “Full Moon” is a wonderful time to reflect and renew. Feelings run deep. Either I will begin a new project, or complete a old one. I am a true “Moon Child” In every sense of the word. I always have my hair trimmed on the “Full Moon”. I have certain dental work done on the “Full Moon” as well. I connect with the “Full Moon”.

Patricia (Patti) A.

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