In remembrance of my father

My father was in a nursing home and my mother brother and niece had said good-bye to him before we went home at 7:00 pm that evening. 

The next morning at 2:00 am we got a call from the nursing home that he had passed away. We drove over to the nursing home and said our last good-byes to him over many tears and prayers. As we took his clothes out to the car and were making another trip to go in to say one last good-bye, we noticed the full moon up in the sky. It had several rings around it, as though my father had just reached heaven and God had given him his first halo. It was the most beautiful sight that I can ever remember. 

I will always cherish the full moon and will go outside from now on to see if God has put another halo around the full moon in remembrance of my father

Renee Wyndham

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