Moon dream

Well, my experience with the moon deals with the dream I once had about three years ago. I was in my mother’s car, driving home from somewhere and I happened to look up at the night sky. As I looked up, I saw the crescent moon with the only bright star underneath it, and it was aligned together perfectly. Even when I got out of the car and stood outside, the crescent moon with the star underneath, it was still in the same position.

With a blink of an eye, it was no longer night outside but in the middle of the afternoon. For some reason, I’m still outside and standing in the same spot. But as I looked up, I saw not only the sun, but the crescent moon and star was very much visible! They were almost brighter than the sun, and it was still in its same position, with the star underneath the crescent moon and aligned perfectly. That‚s when I finally woke up.

Even though I haven’t had any other dreams involving the moon since then, that dream was an unforgettable one. It made me curious and infatuated about the meaning of the dream: why was the crescent moon and star positioned the way it was? Why was I even able to see it during the daytime? Would this particular moon and star will be my main guidance to something special or horrible in my path? When will the crescent moon and star guide me? Will I ever see the crescent moon and bright star positioned in the same way again? By it being in the day or nighttime, does this mean that the crescent moon and star will follow wherever I go?

Not only did my dream lead me to question about the moon, it also helped me see a different perspective in a spiritual and magical way. Even today, I absolutely admire the beauty and mysterious works of the moon, no matter what phase it’s in. The moon is definitely a mirror that shows a reflective image of our lives and ourselves and some people are lucky enough to find the path that leads them to see that other side of their reflective lives. Whether it’s in a dream or in real life situations, never underestimate the powers of the glorious moon.

T. Boyle

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