The fullmoon
The face of me from high above
Watching and smiling
My pure face that I haven’t seen yet

The fullmoon
The soul of me from high above
Waiting and whirling
My pure soul that I haven’t reached yet

I am the moon and my moonlight too
I am the sun and my sunlight too
I become the moon in the dark
I become the sun in the light

I cry and cry
For pureness
For awareness
For wisdom
For happiness
And I beg 
For Love

And they whisper
We are your moonlight and your sunlight too
Your shadow and sorrows too
Your blessings and cursings too
Your dizziness and emptiness too

Ohhh our poor existence
Don‚t cry and beg
Live simple for pureness
Close your wordy eyes for awareness
Give an ear to your loneliness 
And share all that you have for happiness

And for Love
Die to deathless
Speak to speechless
Live to timeless
Be the source of existence
Merge with us and become One 
And One 
For Love ∑ 

Ahu Baser

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