Drawing Down The Full Moon

La Luna came out to play tonight,
Full moon woman
A woman ‘in full’
Basking in her own light,
Shameless hussy,
Dressed to the nines-
A gown of blue velvet,
Clouds, stratto-cumulous,
Lace, luminous’
Dance to her command…
Encircling her,
A halo, rainbowed..
Veiled in Pale Silver,
Silhouettes bare elm branches-
She smiles,bright
Waterfalls of trembling white..
My knees bent,
Arms open,
Raise up my jeweled chalice,
Filled full, cherry wine…
An offering for a blessing,
A rain of rubies…
The chalice dips, 
My bare toes the color of tarnished blood,
for my lips,
I save one sip….
Ah the taste,
Sacred and profane…
I look up to this full moon Madonna’
Her knowing eyes, capture mine…
“You”, I cry out,
“You, you Vixen you!,
With your mysteries,
Your secrets, your deceptions,
Mere Mortal I be,
Resist NOT your temptations,
I draw you down,
Your tides within me
Blessed Communion.

Teresa Buckman

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