Full Moon Dance

I stood in meditative glance
to watch the moon in full-moon dance
she wore her cloudy cloak unfurled
and donned her radiant light of pearl
her naked truth she wore with pride
as o’er the night-sky she did stride
I trembled in the mid-night air
and watched her there without a care
no care could she have known that night
as she doused the world in fair moonlight.
I stood quite rooted to the ground
absorbed in magic all around.
Her aura changed from Pearl to Gold
no way on earth could she grow old
I felt a quiver in deep breath
knowing my Soul too would not know death
enthralled that this was no mere chance
I … besotted by one clear glance
lay mesmerized in hynotic trance
enrapt with her in full-moon dance.


Norah Clifford Kelly

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