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~ Union ~

Five elements of life I beseech tonight
unite as one these lovers' lights
true love has conquered through the trials
souls now reunite, across years and miles

Moon of earth, a grounding might
winds that grant the gift of flight
beacon's fire intense with heat
water cool upon my feet

I stand within your circle still
Spirit fill me with Thy will
share with me that which you know
for as above – it is below

The time has come to set things right
with full moon's glow upon this night
Male and female will now know
Divine energy's surging ebb and flow

Equal parts of each shall share
yin and yang – it is declared –
blending makes each being more
than either ever was before

As love contained is doomed to die
Give free reign to his soul, and mine
Earth Air Fire Water – and Spirit above
make firm this union with your Blessed Love


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