Moonflower’s song for the Full Moon

Above all else …
And of the celestial bodies 
in the heavens above;
I bloom for you, 
I wilt for you —
You are the one I LOVE.
I never asked for anything; 
just for your company.
And I stood watch nocturnally
Praying for you to see.

The cloudless skies don’t woo me, 
or the stars that glow so bright.
For you are, to me the Brightness, 
in my darkest nights.
I sing to you, 
wish you could hear …
my Sonnet in the air.
You barely ever moved 
… nor talk, 
as if I wasn’t there.

You sat ever so mysteriously; 
it makes me wonder why …
Why you are so damn far away? 
At times I break down and cry.
And when the morning star comes along, 
you bid a silent farewell.
And try as I might to reach out for you, 
the sun scorched on like Hell.

And this goes on 
day by day …
The night seemed like a dream.
“What have you got to hide from the sun?” — 
The thoughts in my head

And just like any other day,
I break down to a wilt…
I bow my head and shed my petals, 
then begin my sleep.
And you may say I‚m dramatic, 
But this is just what’s TRUE;
Every time the sun rises, 
I live in DREAMS of you.

And in the day 
you make me eager, 
in the day you make me wait.
You make me SICK, 
you make me ILL … 
until the day gets late.
As the last rays set on the horizon — 
Far, so far … as you may be.
You come along across the sky
perhaps to glimpse on me.

And tiny I AM 
as you were Godly; 
I tried hard to stare back.
“Good Evening, Love” — 
but you won’t reply. 
What is IT that I lack?
So I bloomed again as if to smile 
and hide away the PAIN;
of the reality that I will never be 
GOOD for you even if we meet again.

And this goes 
on day by day, 
between the earth and endless sky.
So,d I bask on the 
dark clear waters nightly;
asking GOD — Why? 

Flora Tavu

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