Full Moon Harvest

Moon tonight so full and bright 
grant my prayer upon this night.
Summer’s gone and Autumn’s come 
Harvesting is now begun

What I have sown – I do now seek
collected with these words I speak
When Earth has spun ’round ten times three
deliver what I ask to me

Send to me my heart’s desire 
upon this smoke and with this fire 
Earth and water – air and rain
bring love to my arms again

Swift as lightening – clear as glass 
I see us joined again at last.
Bring love to my side anon 
before another season’s gone

This I ask and this I pray 
heed the call I send today.
Set love free and set things right 
grant my wish upon this night

That I may find my own love true 
this I do beseech of you.
It is so – and it shall be.
With intention clear – I summon thee

Deborah Goodwin McNally

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