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Full Moon Dream

The moon was full our anniversary night, the day passed with sadness, the hours empty and long.
A sad heart doeth tire early; yet, sleep cometh not, as thoughts of her there, left me questioning here, the virtues of right over wrong.
With blinds pulled aside, I lay to view its fullness and light, as if it were a masterpiece framed within my window, my window of thought … my window of time. Across the miles, I wondered if she too had noticed its great glow and if so … was it I, in his face she would find?
With moon beams as my blanket, my room all full of ray, captured was I by the blindness of this moment where upon I lay.
Drawn were my thoughts to her, of a cottage on the shore, our dream spoken often, our desire shared. Where moonlight through window shone, in each others arms we lay alone, on rug of fur we lay, till fire burns late, coals turning to grey.
Not long was time did I drift off; traveling far into dream, came the sound of a distant cry.
On raven's wing I'm lifted high, high above, like the moon shining bright, was I. My light shone many places I might see, so many places I can be, as I pass across the starlit sky.
Crossing mountains and trees, drawn were I to the seas, to our ocean, where tides like tears do ebb and flow.
There lay a place I'm shown, a place to me unknown, yet drawn am I still, to know that I might know.
This house on rugged cliff doeth sit, from within, there a fire lit, smoke spirals upward mixing with mist, waves come crashing to shore.
Clouds parting from me, my light shone that I see, through window pane, familiar faces gaze back lazily, as they lay upon the floor. Looking to see, there was me, there were we, entwined in this moment, a time shown me many times before.
This place were we, our place to be, where true love give us leave for need of nothing less and cause to want for nothing more.
Here, let us lay forever. So warm and calmed am I, her peace brought upon me, so real her touch, her body next to me doeth lie.
Awakened in song, but for a glimpse was she, then was she gone...lost in that place of time and space, between dream and awakening … having left, never having said goodbye.
I arise; she had been there, her perfumed scent fresh in the air, her presence felt, yet, lost to me still is she … but why?
Where had been light was now darkness, the night held in silence, yet from afar …… the sound of a distant cry.
The moon had moved on, no longer in sight. I stood at the window to find him, hoping, I suppose, he would again take me with him, taking me back to her, that we may be as we were, as should we always be …………… together.

Thomas C. Greene

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