Sister Moon

little deer, so shy, you
stumbles under the light of sister moon
looking out for shelter in the wild world
escaping the enormous big wolf
that swallows you with its big eyes,
if you let him. –

a deer that is fragile
hiding in the dark forest
allowing no light to enter
but let the music majestic rule the silence.

not knowing how your soul will accept the sound of music
how to brake through the mystery night
how to let the beam entering the nature.

walking on rocky roads
not knowing the hurt of experiences
not understanding the real meaning of life
not understanding sister moon giving the guidance of peace.

give –
sister moon embracement is full
light guidance of full moon
yet the dark forest is tight
no light
out – scream
anger – sadness
understanding coming.

and there is little light given from above
a hope
a big change
for feelings
for love
for peace
for friendship.

years fade away under sister moon
a goddess which brings the light to shine in your heart
a goddess to teach the worth of beauty
a goddess of acceptance the nature that is in you
a goddess of grace.

sister moon proud up in the sky
shows daily her change
shows daily the work of her perfection
shows her light
shows …

oh, so much she shows her love!-
you made peace with sister moon in the night of her fullness
now sister moon is closing her eyes
smiling …

waiting for lady dawn to enter the evening
waiting for brother sun to vanish into the infinite firmament
waiting for a new creation of night
waiting for the growth in all of us
to be together in the circle of her warm light
look at each other with a sparkle in our eyes
the mirror of sister moon.

now, little shy deer
jumps playfully in the clear booklet
notice the bond of sisterhood we carry for each other
realizing the delicate painting of friendship on our faces
seeing the reflection of sister moon
invites us for a walk
invites us to dance to the color of the sound of music
invites us to accept her firm and strong protection:
no fear of big wolf
no need to escape
no need to tremble.

there you go
with joy
peace in your soul
walking away
towards sister moon
against all odd
reaching out
looking back
for inspiration of the untouchable nature
raising your head upwards
with a smile
looking at sister moon
who becomes my full moon of my eyes
smiling … 


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