Le Clair de lune

O! The full moon, 
Thou art the disspeller of darkness in a unique way,
holding a magical aspergillum in your hand, 
spilling and sprinkling the milky white light in progression, 
quelling and quenching the darkness, 
synchronizing, yourself, with darkness and light alternatively, 
to teach us the difference between life and death, 
good and bad, black and white, beauty and the beast. 

Thou art so up and high in the vault of heaven, nicely embedded, 
a child would aspire to hold you in its hand, 
the rest would love to soak up in the serenity of the light caste, 
the experience is awesome and invigorating, 
imperfections are thine inherent characteristics, 
still they are ignored and your beauty is admired. 

You hold a position so high above us, 
your luminescence putting the world in limelight, 
that you can see our blemishes, 
I pray thee, to grant me strength to overcome my weakness, 
I am disillusioned and desperate to find answers by your light, 
I am dreaming and hoping to find my way out of the quagmire, 

Thou art the omnipotent, to stir up the waves of the ocean, 
sitting upon the beach, looking up at you, watching the waves dancing to your tunes is a moment of joy and a joy for ever. unfortunate are those, who can not see you for they are blind 
by birth, unfortunate are the blind folded, blinded by ignorance, greed, jealousy, egoism, who can not see you and admire 
what you possess. 

You are the soothing light in darkness, 
You play hide and seek with me, hiding behind the clouds 
every time you fade out into darkness, I miss you, 
Starring at the starry sky, moon walking on a sandy beach, 
waiting for you to emerge behind a dark patchy cloud 
and I know you are sure to come back, to spill the milky white light, to light up the distant dark mountains at the bay, 
I wait in hope to see you, again and again. 

O! the celestial, you console many but leave a few, 
a few who love darkness, or shy of coming to light, 
silly, foolish, wasting time moon raking, 
I pray thee, to bestow upon them, the prudence, 
let your grace befall and percolate through their body and mind 
to see and perceive what needs to be seen and admired!

Surishiva Kumar

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