The Midnight Garden Moon

It was midnight in the garden
The Moon was full and bright.

Sweet Joseph is sleeping in 
peace tonight.

His mother and I worry what will
become of him when we are gone.

With no family support to ever
lean on …

It is just us … the Three Musketeers
Joseph, mommy and grandma to care and
love day after day
… and hope the full moon will encourage
to never give up the fight.

What is autism …??? No one truly
knows … and yet it is taking over
and is frightening.

Dear full moon smile down on all of
us this night and especially little Joseph
and give him the courage to 
fight the fight.

Only ten years old with a mommy in
poor health and grandma trying to hold
it all together … and not much in the 
way of wealth.

So … bright full moon, do some magic for us
… and we will carry on …
moon will give us hope and …

Marie Laveaux

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