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Akashic full moon's rapture

As full moon dances the nightwatch ceiling,
thoughts, more be they 'perceptions' of a long ago dance
in the halls of my heartsong soul.
Like afar, ... come near resounding echoe
of clarion bell music, the background to angelic images
that carry your sayer prayer cooing,
the gentle trace of a heart seeking affirmation of love's accord,
a bonding spirit akin thine own, ...
"be mine, be mine, be the love I know thee to be".

Rainbow of heaven's light, tour de force,
vangaurd of eternity's realm
be the watcher's warding of the night.
The soldier's creed of righteous bequetz,
'o' heaven's sworn in valor.
Be the season upon us now,
the harvest fusion empowering of full moon light
carry us forth our destiny mission,
our akashic blueprint profile record reviews unfolding.

The final revealed elation!
Homeward our heartsoul be the known we bond unto now,
homeward we bond unto now, the sounding beltone is heard.
The clarion bell resounds the penitant hearty cry,
"homeward now, homeward now. Selah".

And all say, "amen, amen, ... amen"!
O' kiss of heaven's light, ..."love is a power"!
Hug me close now with the kiss of thy rapture,
then send me forth through the dimensional gateway
of borderland's abiding.
Send me forth in fullness of waht is,
by what was, to what shall eternally be.


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