Awh Prairie Shit, here comes the Moon

Four days before the full moon,
That’s when its at it’s highest.
Four days before the full moon, 
That’s when I’m at my best.

It comes like a tsunami,
Crashing right across my soul.
Adrenalin, it takes me, 
Pulls me up from that hole.

An amplified force of life,
It grabs my soul by the balls.
Shreads my nerves, a touré knife,
Slicing, dicing, et al.

Brings me to the edge of hell,
It dunks my head right inside.
Freezes out my eyes and yells,
Shows me the other side.

“Do you want to live or die?”,
It always gives me a choice.
Can make me both laugh and cry,
But it rarely feels nice.

Rollercoaster, is this life,
Ecstasy and agony.
The happiness and the strife,
It crashes over me.

Nigel McCormack

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