Full Moon

Oh! full moon thank you for the light 
you were guiding me into the night 
thank you for you lovely sight 
oh! full moon wish I can hold you tight

Oh! full moon thank you for your light 
while walking down the sea 
all I can see 
is your bright light into the sky

Oh! full moon you made my night excite 
because of the beauty of your color 
giving me peacefully life 
Oh! full moon thank you for staring me tonight

oh! full moon thank you 
for your shadow that’s waving into the ocean dancing gracefully 
while the cold air touching my cheeks 
before I fall asleep under the moon 
I had a wonderful night with you 
All I wish tonight to you 
Give my warm hug to the one I love 
who’s reading this tonight.

Hershey Roque

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