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In the emerald month of May,
Helios sets gold upon the sea.
Twilight floats in, swallowing
His last rays, then, Dusk unfurls
Layer upon layer of indigo silk,
And stars blink awake. Soon,
As Night spreads her black veil
Across the sky, they brighten,
Heralding the royal entrance.

From bathing in waves, Selene
Emerges, dons robes of pearls
And full moon crown. She rises,
Casting pools of brilliant light.
Moonbeam hair streaming, she
Smiles at star friends, kindles
Their inner glow as she passes
On her white steed, blows kisses
To quench their fire for morning.

Now, Eos, the dawn, stretches
Her gold arms, summons Helios
Once more in his chariot aflame.
Though Selene fades from sight,
She remains in our hearts until
Her visit again tomorrow night.

Michelle Shen

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