Remember the Moon

Remember the moon my friend
Our line of sight
Joining our separate nights

Remember the moon my friend
When days seem dark
Yet sun burns the sky blue

Remember the moon my friend
When rains come, mangoes ripen
And even cattle refuse the bounty

When frogs croak
And pigs wallow
And birds nest again

The sight of the moon 
Is as eyes meeting
Faster than light
Our gaze drawing us near

The sight of the full moon
Pulls us as it pulls oceans
A silver thread
Strong as spider’s web

The sight of the moon
Sometimes a sliver
And sometimes full as day
And sometimes appearing at the sun’s setting

Our eyes will find it
When loneliness fills them to brim
With the salt memory 
Of cashews roasting in a tin
And of the the river swim

Shirley Whalley

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