Big moon spirit woman

As the tide of years wash like a glow 
over mankind’s earthen walk,
for ages the full moon has marked time 
and gave power to people’s talk.

The sage and wizards and wise men and wicca women 
of the ages have set claim,
many the impacting events experienced 
upon this homo sapien race 
have been laid the full moon to blame.

Those patient and understanding 
have realized the truths revealed 
in the movement of planets, stars and moon, 
till after ages of ebserving powers 
precise a masterful influcence
is unmatched that of the full moon.

In all ages and all places
that true intelligence can be found,
the realization is the same, 
the full moon influences all things, 
when it goes deep the terra plane 
to rise again from the underground.

In starry sky or spirit of the earth 
it holds the power of gold! 

Jeremiah Ja'n Szilagyi

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