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Moon (Un)Reality

Long nets of power lines
Stretch out to catch the orange
Ball of the moon
That falls, falls, falls
Down to the horizon

It bounces off the mountaintops
A bright white pancake
Floating in silver sky
Above the freeway turning home

What is real? What imagined?
We are caught in the electric net
Of our own devising
We stare at moving electrons in a black box
We smile at pictures
Looking straight into the eyes on the screen
We practice witticisms on the keyboard
For all to see, no one to hear

Illusion of connection

The flat pancake of full moon
Slides along the taunt wires
Over purple hills, deserted streets
I am going home
To gaze at my pale moon of a screen
Read my personal invitation
To Atlantis

Maja Trochimczyk

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