Heart of a watcher’s hour – full moon’s gifting light

Before time was known the child’s heart to reason, 
when the Akashic blueprint set the seal of life 
would be so dedicated life upon life, upon life, upon life 
to fulfill Eternity’s Righteous Calling sealed,
Angels of ‘The Fall’ turned the deaf ear to the first healing, 
the first healing even as would be the last, 
that the Kingdom of God and all His Righteousness be fulfilled. 

The deaf ear was awakened from its sleep 
as a new world was created to allign with the sun’s rolling curve 
and catch the reflective castings, 
a rebounding essence of the Moon’s adherence to Light’s course, 
The first adherence to the divine plan, 
a guiding light through the void of darkness, 
Mankind and all Creation’s hope in the Moonglow’s Tour-de-Force. 

The Earth has held The Akashic Blueprint Profile Record Review 
by Moonglow’s strength in the Full Moon’s Empowerment 
that moves the evoulution of Mankind’s Heartsoul 
sealed his every mission sequentual movement to date
The first and great ‘Law of Soul Evolution’ held in those Full Moon beams,”The Law Of Constant Movement” given of God’s Source Estate.

The Sun by day, the Moon by night to light the way 
the way of Mankind as the only hope to see through the times been, are and are yet to be,the Full Moon marking each and every step of the way for recording accurate time sequence 
to Prophecy and Prophecy is not ever late,

Giving Testimony to the unfoldings 
for Akashic Blueprint Profile Record Review an accountability,
right up to the time we find ourselves 
standing front and center at the Kingdom’s Gate.

In The Secret Garden of Love’s Living lord Omnipotence Eternal 
we learn The Truths of what “Constant Movement” is 
as the Key To Life’s Soul Evolution 
and the elements that give movement 
to Empower All Things that exchange Life Force 
as a mandate to survive in the present world of Earth where we dwell,

That it is the Power Of The Moon’s Reflective Measure 
that the Earth regulates a rotation that sets order 
to The Cosmo’s Universal Laws Of Sequentual Timing 
with the fellowship of Heavenly Body Movements 
and their harmony to keep seperate the Portal, 
Gateway, Passage Timetable Seals identity 
for The Watcher’s labor 
to hold seal the Dimensional Gateways of, 
so be it said, “Heaven and Hell”.

Oh grace of Mother Earth, Great Grandmother Earth’s Spirit Self, 
Full Moon’s radiance so “Blessed Be” 
to hold The Children Of God in safe keeping 
while we bring about the return 
of Our Breathren and Sisters Fallen to Home once again, 

For we have the Healing Empowerment to stay us the hours, 
years and life times The Full Moon’s glow, 
a relective measure of the Sun of God’s Loving light, 
hrough all the elation and pain. 

“God Bless God, Blessed Be” 
The Fulfillment of The Kingdom of God 
and All His Righteousness, Loves True light,
“Blessed Be” 
the Empowering Goodness that guides us 
and heals all things by measure 
with the Empowering Radiance 
of The Full Moon 
that carries us through 
even the darkest of darkest night 

Jeremiah Hoka

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