The full moon calendar 2008

Here you see the full moon calendar with the full moon dates of 2008 and exact times and dates in an overview.

Tuesday22 January 200814:34:42 
Thursday21 February 200804:30:30 [**]
Friday21 March 200819:39:54 
Sunday20 April 200812:25:24 
Tuesday20 May 200804:11:24 
Wednesday18 June 200819:30:24 
Friday18 July 200809:59:00 
Saturday16 August 200823:16:24 [*]
Monday15 September 200811:13:24 
Tuesday14 October 200822:02:24 
Thursday13 November 200807:17:18 
Friday12 December 200817:37:06 

Time specified in Central European Time (CET) or Summer Time (CEST)

Handheld calendar (PDA) from the 2000s. The first full moon as of 2000 was on Friday, 21.01.2000.

[**] total lunar eclipse
[*] At this point in time, a partial lunar eclipse takes place.
[+] Blue moon (second full moon within one calendar month)
[/] Penumbral lunar eclipse

Here you find information for calculating the exact time, in particular for countries outside Central Europe:

Full moon telegram 2008

Deceased at full moon

  • 22.01.2008 – Bernhard Horstmann aka Stefan Murr, German author (1919-2008)
  • 21.02.2008 – Hans Janitschek, Austrian journalist, author, diplomat (1934-2008)
  • 14.10.2008 – Françoise Seigner, French actress (1928-2008)

Events at full moon

  • 22.01.2008 – The Central American Bank lowers interest by 0.75 percentage points.
  • 21.02.2008 – Arson attack on the US embassy in Belgrad through rioters after a large demonstration against the independence of Kossovo
  • 21.03.2008 – Earth quake, magnitude 7.0 in Southeast China. No injuries but property damages
  • 20.05.2008 – The Berlin Philharmonic hall suffers bad damage through large fire
  • 18.07.2008 – Nelson Mandela, first coloured president of Southafrica (1994-1999) and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate celebrates his 90th birthday
  • 14.10.2008 – The American Richard Garriott reaches the international space station ISS as the sixth space tourist, with the Russian space capsule Sojus. For his 10-day space journey he paid around 35 million Dollars.

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