The full moon calendar 2011

Here you see the full moon calendar with the full moon dates of 2011 and exact times and dates in an overview.

Wednesday19 January 201122:21:24 
Friday18 February 201109:35:42 
Saturday19 March 201119:10:06 
Monday18 April 201104:44:00 
Tuesday17 May 201113:08:42 
Wednesday15 June 201122:13:36 [**]
Friday15 July 201108:39:36 
Saturday13 August 201120:57:30 
Monday12 September 201111:26:42 
Wednesday12 October 201104:05:42 
Thursday10 November 201121:16:06 
Saturday10 December 201115:36:24 [**]

Time specified in Central European Time (CET) or Summer Time (CEST)

Calendars have turned more digital. The first full moon as of 2010 was on Saturday, 30.01.2010.

[**] total lunar eclipse
[*] At this point in time, a partial lunar eclipse takes place.
[+] Blue moon (second full moon within one calendar month)
[/] Penumbral lunar eclipse

Here you find information for calculating the exact time, in particular for countries outside Central Europe:

Full moon telegram 2011

Born at full moon

  • No entries yet …

Deceased at full moon

  • 19.01.2011 – Wilfrid Sheed, English-born American novelist and essayist (1930–2011)
  • 18.02.2011 – Annie Girardot, French actress (1931–2011)
  • 19.03.2011 – Polar bear “Knut”, star of the Berlin Zoo (2006–2011)
  • 18.04.2011 – Pietro Ferrero jun., managing director of Ferrero confectionery (1963–2011)
  • 17.05.2011 – Harmon Clayton Killebrew, American professional baseball player (1936–2011)
  • 15.06.2011 – May Wheeler, American singer (1934–2011)
  • 15.07.2011 – Googie Withers, English theatre and movie actress (1917–2011)
  • 12.09.2011 – Alexander Saidgerejewitsch Galimow, Russian ice hockey player (1985–2011)
  • 12.10.2011 – Heinz Bennent, German actor (1921–2011)

Events at full moon

  • 19.01.2011 – China and the United States sign a $45 billion export deal, including 200 Boeing airplanes
  • 18.02.2011 – Japan officially suspends its whaling program of the season due to interference by the Sea Shepherd conservation organisation
  • 19.03.2011 – The military operation “Odyssey Dawn” begins with French, British and American military forces attacking the coast of Western Libya
  • 18.04.2011 – A weight measurement is published from the International Committee for Weights and Measures in Paris, where the kilogram, which is the base and reference unit for all weights in the world, shows a loss in weight: 50 micrograms in 100 years!
  • 17.05.2011 – The final episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is recorded in the US city of Chicago.
  • 15.06.2011 – Dexter Isaac, a convicted killer, claims responsibility for an attempted assassination of rapper Tupac Shakur in 1994.
  • 15.07.2011 – Announcement of the separation of Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony
  • 13.08.2011 – 50th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall on 13th August 1961
  • 12.09.2011 – At least 75 people are killed by a petrol pipeline explosion in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • 12.10.2011 – Zarganar, Burmese comedian actor and dissident is released by the government as part of an amnesty.
  • 10.11.2011 – Lucas Papademos is appointed interim Greek prime minister and head of the new unity government in Greece.
  • 10.12.2011 – The Nobel Prize laureates of 2011, receive their awards in Oslo/Norway and Stockholm/Sweden.

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