Born on the full moon

I was always told by my mother that i was a miracle child and was destined to be on this Earth. I tended to agree and felt the same way deep inside, even though I wasn’t sure why. Until earlier this month that is. Let’s see if you would agree with that. I was born an Aquarius, on 01-30-1979. However, my mother’s due date for me was 45 days before. I was technically supposed to have been born a Sagittarius on 12-14-1978. even though that made me about a month and half overdue, I was born deathly ill with many health issues. Yet I still survived, hence the first sign I was a miracle. 

Growing up I knew I was a little strange and felt OK with it cause deep down I knew I was destined to be someone and my place here had a specific reason. From a young age I was able to astro project at will and had an ability to connect with the spiritual word. Until I learned the wicca way and the tarrot beliefs, I was unable to communicate between the two dimensions. I’ve been able to read tarrot for a little more than 10 years now and have become extremely accurate in the readings, whether being mine or someone elses. I also believed in the power of the moon and its distinct effect it seems to have on me, especially when it was full. I wasn’t too sure why it influenced my behavior, I just knew it did. 

I however stumbled upon the link I was looking for when I visited this website a couple of weeks ago and now my birth and life makes perfect sense. Since how the dates concerning my birth dates were so unusual I decided to investigate in astrology a little deeper and not only did the characteristics of aquarius relate to me for the most part, there were still a few things that didn’t. So that’s when I decided to research my intended sign, Sagittarius. And what do ya know. My questions and confusion were all understood. There’s about 15-20% of me that is explained by sag and the remaining % is aqua to the T. Now that I know enough about both my signs I started to become more curious in the full moons surrounding my life. I pulled up the full moon calendar from the last 50 some years ago and wanted to see when the last full moon was in 1978, the years I was actually supposed to have been born. And what I found took my breath away and literally made me gasp aloud. It said the last full moon of that year was on, 12-13-78 2 1:30PM. THE 12-14 WAS THE EXACT DATE I WAS DUE AND THE 1;30p was the exact day I was actually was born. Now if thats not a significant sign I dont know what would be.

K. Ashcraft

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