Crazy ongoings

I have experienced different mood changes when some are full. There are full moons for example, when I worked at an answering services. I answered 90 phones. Dr’s, hearting, Taxi cabs, shrinks, apt. building for broken things, lost keys, and a key smith and such. 

When a certain moon would come around, every drunk needed a ride and people were crazy and irritable. Then there’s the full moon when people just get plain crazy. There are more murders, rape and drug and alcohol problems. 

Then there’s the full moon that is just full of mischief. Everything goes wrong. Running out of gas. Bank balance goes over 2$, everyone argues. Cat has kittens, someone or two die and animals get sick. But everything turns out ok. I believe God takes care of that. But in the end I know the full moon, the many different ones have a different affect on us on Earth, it just takes time for research to figure it out. I’ve been there – done that, so to speak. Although, February 2012 was an annoying one!


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