Wedding on a full moon

This site helped me settle on a wedding date: Saturday, April 23, 2016. The day before is a full moon, and it’s as close as I could get for a spring wedding that year. 

Read that it’s good luck in several cultures, then realized the real reason I wanted it: Mitch, the man I thought I’d grow old with passed away unexpectedly on a full moon, also his birthday the next year was a full moon. Being a devout Atheist, he probably would have told me I was being silly, but I always feel a little closer to him when I see one, and that through it, he’s watching over me. I’ll never forget the conversation we had, him that he’d never get married again, and me that I knew I would. It made us both a little sad, even at our happiest, but he promised me he’d be there when I did. 

So somehow, I’ll feel like he is there, wishing me all the happiness in the world.

Cindy P

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