Lunar encounter

I met my love on a full moon. I was walking home from a party one night by a lake and I noticed it was a full moon. I walked to the end of the dock just to gaze at it for a while because it was beautiful. That might sound a little weird but it was. 

The dock had no end gate on it so I was just standing on the edge of it when I almost fell off because I was a little drunk but, he grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the edge right before I fell into the water. He was handsome and his eyes … I will never forget on that night. They lit up crystal blue and the moonlight was reflected in them. That’s when he asked me if I was OK and I could have just melted. 

He walked me home that night and we hung out for the rest of the summer but then I had to go back to university and when I did, I found out he was in the same class and we started dating, but every full moon I thank the sky.


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