Happy Anniversary

Ann & Robert, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy anniversary.  

Hopefully you are at the condo in Duluth so you can watch the moon rise over Lake Superior tonight.  

Last night Kelley and I finally got the pontoon boat in the water, so we got to get out for a ride, it was a little cold, I wore mittens, once we got in and warmed up, I was sitting on the sofa talking to a friend, and the giant orange moon started rising over the trees across the lake, it was so beautiful that I had to step out on the patio and watch it rise over the trees.  

Our neighbor had popped outside for something but was walking in the opposite direction, so I yelled over to tell her how pretty the moon was so she could enjoy it too, she had to run into the house and let her husband know so he could also see it. 

Jackie & Kelley Jackson

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