Experiences of a nurse

I believe strongly that the same forces that influence tides and lunar pulls in our atmosphere, directly effect human behavior and rarely in a positive way in my personal experiences and particularly in my profession of healthcare. 

The strange thing is that I feel at my best, sharper and with more energy and can feel the pull in a more positive way on me personally. Maybe it is just because I really enjoy watching the full moon. But I actually plan many full moon nights on my schedule to be off work (I used to have them written in every month on my calendar). 

I am an RN and see a recurring theme at work. I was a hospice nurse in St. Louis for 2 years and there was not a month that went by without a death and quite often 2 occurring during the night time hours of the full moon, which is very unusual on any other given night. In the hospital environment patients who might otherwise be calm become very disoriented and sometimes seem to have more problems, unanticipated changes and events on a full moon night. Also stranger more bizarre type of events are seen in regards to the way people present to emergency rooms for various problems. 

People in healthcare can always feel it in the air and ask if it is a full moon. There are nights you just feel like that regardless, but when there is a confirmed official full moon I can say not one goes by that doesn’t effect people who are sick, both seeking treatment and hospitalized patients. And often nurses act a little more “CRAZY” than usual. 

That is my belief, those are more than a few of my stories and I am sticking to my theory. People act differently and I have seen more problem issues than I want on a full moon. I would rather be off work just watching, relaxing and enjoying the full moon beachside.

Kris Karr

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