Conspiracy to Commit Murder

A strange thing happened tonight and I was completely unaware there was a full moon and lunar eclipse in process … perhaps coincidence … perhaps more than we realize. As a retired law clerk who worked for a very powerful Judge, and who knows how to “fix things” legally, some quite nasty, I get calls for help from people. Tonight I received one from a friend who lives far away, who has a friend who, due to rather nefarious events by some very violent and powerful people who are also his close family, my friend’s friend is in grave danger of being murdered by them. He cannot turn to the law, as that’s where the majority of the threat is coming from; dirty cops in a very big city. So in about two hours, I’d engineered a sequence of events to bring in some “bigger” law enforcement talent, structured his next 15–30 days so he’s safe (if he follows instructions carefully), and then he “disappears” into a new life … far away from his old life.

After preparing the instructions – much as a witch, warlock or chemist might prepare a prescription, around midnight I had to pick up another friend, and transport them across 1/2 mile of water by rowboat. We saw no moon, and I thought nothing of it, and as I rowed along, told him what I’d done earlier. I went back home to my boat (in a tranquil place in the middle of a still glass harbor at anchor), and continued my work, when he called an hour later, suggesting that “something was in the air tonight … a dark moon on a full moon night.” My friend couldn’t put his finger on it. So I looked it up – yes – full moon alright, and an eclipse on a night when I had to spend two hours saving someone from a murder.

Coincidence? Probably so … but what is also strange, its the one year anniversary when I lost a dear friend … the day after M.J.’s death of the same year. Quite a strange series of coincidences tonight. Perhaps I’ll call my far away friend in the morning to see if his friend is still alive. Is there magic and mystery to a full moon? Perhaps … perhaps not … but one thing for sure; when combined with the drama that seems to come to humans naturally, a full moon and eclipse certainly add up to some mental and spiritual mischief … indeed.

Dark Eclipse

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