Mother moon

I have been a very open child. I have always listened to God, and kept him. I know God needs to be lifted. We can’t always ask God for things, we have to support God. We have to hold him, somehow fearing his greatness, and somehow adding to it even though we are low beneath him.

But what if, God fell. What if God lets his children inherit the earth. We passed judgement. Who would run this vast ship and how?

This past full moon, as I contemplated my husband and our family, their spirits came heavily to me. I knew they were there. I felt them, I sensed them, they were truly with me. 

I have recently been feeling the importance of total health. I have been choosing the right foods. I have been walking a straight path. I have been following my heart.

I have learned that it is with the utmost importance to act in life, not out of fear or hate, but out of love and out of peace. 

During the full moon eclipse, the illnesses of my dear family were made plain to me. I could see why they suffer. It was as if the moon and my third eye were connected. The duties of a God were burdened upon me. As I am a capable and healthy woman, the mother ship makes me captain each full moon. She allows me to see the waters, be they troubled or be they calm. She hands me the wheel, the cradle, the womb. With my strength, I breath peace into their lives. I may not be near them, and I can not make their choices for them, but I can send them peace.

Thank you mother moon.

Mary Eve Shalome

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